Let's put our creative minds together!
Together we can create a portrait that tells a story with just a click of the shutter.

When we meet a new client, we try to imagine a different way to photograph them. Do they have a style that looks like it could fit in another era? We could go retro with just a few adjustments. We often have new ideas we want to try. We just need someone willing to do something outside the box (but never anything that would make them feel uncomfortable). As it turns out, once we start photographing and the client sees some of the early images, they relax and become more confident about the session. We often ask our clients if they could have a "dream" portrait session, what would it be like? As long as it does not take special props, we can probably pull it off.

Our Portrait Photography Service

Part of our service is a complimentary pre-portrait consultation. This is where we both put our heads together to plan and create an outline for the session.

Once the session begins, we usually both make adjustments as we see something really working well and new creative ideas flow. We allow plenty of time for the creative process so there is not the pressure normally associated with a "portrait mill".

Client Privacy

Everything we do is G-Rated and family friendly. Because of their privacy policies, we do not post client images on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media. (Many people do not realize that they can sell your images without your permission, although our clients are certainly free to do so if they please.) We provide web-sized files for all the portraits they purchase.

All our portraits are guaranteed or your money back!

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