Small children our Specialty

Doing Children's Portraits is often full of surprises. You can not always predict what direction the session will take. Some kids are almost always silly, especially when in a strange place (like a photo studio). “I’ve got a pose I want to try”, they’ll say. Some love being in front of the camera. Our challenge then, is to have them look natural as we click the shutter. Others children are naturally more thoughtful, even pensive. Though quiet, some might even say shy, their eyes will tell volumes in the portraits. The thing we have to remember, is that’s who they were on that day. We don’t force children to be something they are not. We have a cool studio and yard for them to do fun things in. A cedar swing, rustic cedar wagon with antique iron wheels, rope swing, timber bamboo grove, red wagon, and more.

We don't count shots

We keep clicking away until we have quality images from each family grouping. If a little one needs a feeding, has a “meltdown”, or some other emergency, we will either hit the pause button, or photograph other family members until things get better. If one of the family members is ill we will just reschedule. We photograph real people, and stuff just happens to real people. We like to reserve Saturday morning Children’s Portraits for those with little ones, because that’s when they are at their best. But if that does not work, we can do it later in the day. Just make sure it’s not at their nap time. Also, make sure they are not hungry (grownups too).

When we are looking at a young child “live”, we don’t see all the different expressions, because they are like a movie. But when the camera captures the stills, it’s amazing what you will see.

All our children's portrait work is guaranteed or your money back!

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