Each Family Portrait is unique

Every family is different. Therefore we do not have a “formula” for the families we photograph. We listen carefully as you describe what you have in mind for your family portraits. We formulate a plan to execute the session as you envisioned. During the pre-portrait consultation, we’ll help you with garment selection and portrait location. If there are any props that have special meaning to the family, pets, we’ll include those in the images. This pre-portrait session allows time for the smaller children to meet us beforethe photo session. So we are not strangers on the day we do the photography.

Small children our Specialty

We normally like to reserve morning sessions for family portraits when there are very small children. Then they can then be at their best. We allow time for infant feeding and comforting, when they “request” it. We try to schedule our family sessions, to have a safety buffer of time to allow for family emergencies.

Everybody gets the family portraits they want

For the family group photos we usually suggest that the family dress to “tie” the members to one another and help unify the portrait. Afterwards, the individuals family members can dress to fit their various personalities. We then photograph each one according to what the subject wants to project in their portrait. This way mom and dad are happy, grandma is happy, and the kids, including teens are happy. The whole family is happy. And we get a nice variety of images for the clients to choose from. All this from one session. The session can be photographed in our studio, on our property that has been especially landscaped for portrait photography. This enables us to capture images in our studio and outdoors without leaving the premises.

All our family portrait work is guaranteed or your money back!

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