Seniors are ready to change the world

What is not to like about doing Senior Portraits? There ‘s the natural optimism. Seniors are ready to change the world. Most seniors are looking to do something a little different in their Senior Portraits, which is always a plus for a photographer. They bring a higher energy level to the session. The girls bring enough outfits that allow us use our imagination to incorporate a variety of backgrounds and setting to do some things we have been wanting to try for a while. We just needed the right model to do them. For that reason, a Senior Portraits session is like a “modeling” session. We can try some high fashion stuff, or edgy grunge stuff if they have the clothes and inclination. Others are into sports, martial arts, music, art, theater, etc. Each senior is so unique, a photographer would have to really try to make the Senior Portraits session look the same. As the Seniors Portraits shoot progresses, changes in lighting, hair (up or down), attire (from casual to formal) can change the whole look from “daddy’s little girl”, to a mature young woman ready for college or her first real job. It’s amazing how many different looks you can get from one Seniors Portrait session. You can’t do as much with a senior guys hair, but with lighting and proper posing he’s the one you want as your “big brother”, solid and dependable. Of course we make sure you get the great images for the yearbook, your parents, and grandma. One important thing to remember, we are only 1/2 of the Senior Portraits team. The senior has to also do their part. They need to be well rested. It’s more work than you think. Especially when we are trying to change as many outfits as we can, in a short period of time. The girls need to have makeup and hair ready. The guys faces need to be clean shaven where they don’t want hair to be. We provide a pre-portrait consultation, so we are all on the same page, and hit the ground running on portrait day. Finally, be prepared to have some fun!

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