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- The Inside Story -

About Us

Wrangling babies are not left to just the parents alone, as Kathy is always available to swoop in to lend a helping hand.  She is even ready to wipe away tears for babies and parents. With over 20 years in the business, Don and Kathy have seen it all and know how to bring honesty, humor, and kindness to the client experience.

Our Mission

We strive to create beautiful, timeless personalized portraits! We care for our clients and want to ensure you have a relaxed and enjoyable portrait session.

Our Story

Don & Kathy Nealious are the husband-and-wife duo behind DNI Photography.  Don hails from NY, and Kathy is a Washington State native. They have lived in Washington for over five decades and provided custom portraiture services for more than two decades. 

As a distinguished Professional Photographer, Don Nealious knows all the behind the lens work that will bring about breathtaking portraits each time.

Kathy works alongside Don as a Portrait Production Assistant.  She plays a significant role in ensuring clients are relaxed and kids have an enjoyable portrait session experience. 

Why Clients Choose Us

With so many competitors, what makes DNI photography different? Why should you choose us for your next photography session?

& Experience

DNI Photography has over two decades in the business.

Pre-Portrait Session Consultations

Your first time meeting us will not be on Portrait Session Day. 

Highly trained photographer

Don Nealious is well known and recognized photographer in the Seattle area.

Portraits that match your vibe.

We create breathtaking images that exude the individualities of each client.

Client Testimonials

DNI Photography sustains a 5-Star review rating on Google!

DNI did a great job on our family pictures. I never had much of a desire to have "professional" pictures taken as an adult. I thought the experience would be like experiences I had as a kid getting family pictures. When our first child was turning one it help me get over my hesitancy. We arranged for a session with DNI. Don and Kathy not only took some great pictures but they made the experience fun for our family. They got so many great shots that we ordered enough pictures to fill our hallway! If your looking to get some great pictures and want to work with a team that makes it fun and easy you should check them out.
- Casey H.
Don and Kathy of DNI Photography have done a fabulous job on my group family portraits for years now. They also came out and took pictures while I was working for business advertising. My favorite though is the work they did with my classic hot rod. I highly recommend DNI Photography.
- Mike K.
Don and Kathy photographed our grand-children and turned it into what looked like a oil painting and it was beautiful! We've had much enjoyment from it over the years. A family member saw it and ordered a print of it also.
- Greg H.
BEST GRADUATION PICTURES EVER! Both my son and daughter were ecstatic over the way their pictures turned out. I especially appreciated the way the photographer and his assistant worked so well together; it was a very easy, FUN experience.
- Rhonda R.
DNI did an excellent job on our family portraits. Photo session was warm and friendly, yet totally professional. Selection of photo was the only difficult part of the process. They were all so good it was difficult to choose. Price, quality and service are top notch. Thank you, Don and Cathy.
- Kevin P.


We strive to create beautiful, timeless personalized portraits! We care for our clients and want to ensure you have a relaxed and enjoyable portrait session

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