DNI Photography Website Redo

DNI Photography is currently revamping our website. Our aim is to streamline it to make it load faster, and to be more user friendly, and easier easier to navigate. To that end we will be starting a blog that will contain a variety of photography,and photography tips for cameras and/or mobile devices.

For the more serious photographer, we will recommend relatively inexpensive software and hardware that will get you by.

We will show visually the benefits of a dedicated camera vs a cell phone. It will not matter whether it is a compact (Point & Shoot) or DSLR camera. A person will have more creative control with a stand alone camera than with a cell phone, period. Most of the information will be original, the rest from reliable easy to digest sources.

We hope to start the new format starting February 1, 2017. The blog will also serve as a newsletter. There will be some give-a-ways for signing up. Unfortunately, it will need  to be picked up locally (Snohomish County), to avoid shipped costs.

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